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2. CFL

The Montenegrin Second League  is the second-top football league in Montenegro. It is headed by the Football Association of Montenegro. Second Montenegrin League consists of 10 participants. The top team qualifies for the First League of Montenegro, the second and third one contest in a playoff match against the 10th and 11th team from the First League, while the bottom-placed two teams are relegated to any of the three third-tier leagues, to be replaced by the two winners of a three-way promotion playoffs, contested by the winners of the three Third League divisions.

2.CFL Round 16

DateMatchTime/ResultsLeagueSeasonMatch Day
FK Jezero vs FK Kom2. CFL2018/2019Round 16
FK Berane vs FK Jedinstvo2. CFL2018/2019Round 16

2.CFL Round 17

DateMatchTime/ResultsLeagueSeasonMatch Day
Arsenal Tivat vs Bokelj2. CFL2018/2019Round 17
FK Kom vs Igalo2. CFL2018/2019Round 17

2. CFL Round 18

DateMatchTime/ResultsLeagueSeasonMatch Day
Bokelj vs FK Kom2. CFL2018/2019Round 18
Igalo vs FK Jezero2. CFL2018/2019Round 18

2. CFL Round 19

DateMatchTime/ResultsLeagueSeasonMatch Day
Igalo vs FK Berane2. CFL2018/2019Round 19
Bokelj vs FK Jezero2. CFL2018/2019Round 19
FK Jedinstvo vs Arsenal Tivat2. CFL2018/2019Round 19