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Montenegrin Cup

The Montenegrin Cup  is the national football cup played in Montenegro. The winner of the cup is awarded a spot in the second qualifying round of the UEFA Europa League if they have not already gained a spot in the UEFA Champions League. If this were to happen the runners-up would take the winners spot. Since the inaugural season, Montenegrin Cup had the same format in every edition. In competition participate 30 teams. The 20 clubs from First and Second League are automatically qualified for the tournament. Other participants are Third League members – semifinalists of three regional cups – Northern region Cup, Central region Cup and Southern Region Cup. The Montenegrin Cup begins with the round of 28 clubs, while the winner and finalist of previous-year Cup are starting from second phase (round of 16). In the all phases, extra time will be played if the scores are level after 90 minutes with a penalty shootout following if needed.

Montenegrin Cup 1/4 Final First Leg

DateMatchTime/ResultsLeagueSeasonArticleMatch Day
Mornar vs LovćenMontegrin Cup2018/20191/4 Final First leg
Budućnost vs Mladost LješkopoljeMontegrin Cup2018/20191/4 Final First leg

Montenegrin Cup 1/4 Final Second Leg

DateMatchTime/ResultsLeagueSeasonMatch Day
Mladost Lješkopolje vs BudućnostMontegrin Cup2018/20191/4 Second Leg
Lovćen vs MornarMontegrin Cup2018/20191/4 Second Leg